Friday, April 8, 2016

The Post Card Perfect Eco-Tours

Going somewhere? How would you like to spend your vacation this summer?

Try the Post Card Perfect Eco-Tours in BATANES...
Experience the Charm  and Magic of Nature up North...

Witness the sun shines in the Pacific Ocean and sets in the West Philippine sea

Enjoy three hundred sixty degrees view of  rolling hills, mountains and vast blue oceans

Taste one of the most authentic dishes the Islands can offer

Try swaying with the waves and sleep in stone houses

Chance upon unassuming Ivatans and make new friends

Claim one of the towering picturesque light houses :)

Be awed  by Gods' wonderful creation

Be HERE, be a witness and be amazed!

It simply worth it!

        Enjoy Batanes, Contact us for reservations:
        Smart: 0919.279.5963
        Globe: 0915.803.4582;

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