Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The Jump Shots and Poses...Tour Batanes with Confidence!

It can never be BETTER than this!...
It leaves you mesmerized
It leaves you wondering
It leaves you feeling awesome
It leaves you wanting more
It leaves you nothing but HAPPY moments, immortalized by these epic poses and jump-shots  :)

Unleash the child in you! Take that picture perfect smile and bring it on in Batanes!!!

credit to all owners of photos (grabbed from Batanes: My dream destination)

Wednesday, August 5, 2015


They say once is enough, 
But in Batanes it is not applicable
You see it once, you plan for another...and yet another one. It leaves you CAPTIVATED! :)

View from the Rolling Hills
It can never be greener than this :-)
Got caught off guarded by someone's cam :-)
Early morning, row of stone houses in Chavayan, Sabtang Island...experience home-stay and immerse with the local community
At the stillness of Tinyan Point, you will find refuge...feel the peacefulness
Framed by the arc and captivated by what lies beyond in the other side :-) mystified!
Be the subject (position yourself in the rightside) and let this be your backdraft