Thursday, November 14, 2013

Experience Basco!

1.    Chill out at the lighthouse at the Naidi Hills!
-          Get a breathtaking view of Basco town atop the Naidi Hills where the lighthouse is situated.
-          Here’s the place for a chance to see the picturesque sunset.

2.       Take a stroll along Valugan Beach!
-          Known for its long stretch of boulders from Mt. Iraya, smoothed over time by the strong and powerful waves coming from Pacific Ocean.

3.       Be awed with Iraya’s majestic beauty!
-          Towering over Basco at 1009m ASL.
-          The most likely the first sight you will see upon landing in Basco Airport.
-          To get a perfect photo, timing and patience are required since its peak is almost always covered by clouds.

4.       Don’t miss the thrill at the Japanese Tunnel!
-          A 5-door tunnel complete with series of chambers, a bunker that serves as a lookout spot and a water reservoir, was constructed during the Japanese occupation as a shelter house for soldiers.Descending the steps to the underground level in almost complete darkness is a thrill that should not be missed.

5.       See with your eyes the breathtaking beauty of Vayang Rolling Hills!
-          See  the seemingly endless waves of rolling hills of vayang, the only place in Batanes where all the three major islands (Batan, Sabtang and Itbayat) can be observed.
-          Convenient and easily accessible, it boasts of the perfect combination of landscapes and seascapes which may be enjoyed from afar but is best experienced when explored on foot.

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