Tuesday, December 17, 2013


-          Kapian kapa nu Dius… Hello! (God Bless You)
…chamavukhas – Good Morning
…chamakuyab – Good Afternoon
…chamahep – Good Evening
-          Dius!!! – Anybody home? (used when one arrives at another house)
-          Pas!!! Or May pasdep kamu – Come In. (rejoinder to Dius)
-          Ango Ngaran Mu? – What’s your name?
-          Ango Parinen Muaya? – What are you doing?
-          Dinu ngayan mu? – Where are you going?
-          Dius Mavidin – God be with you (to someone staying)
-          Dius Machivan – God be with you (to someone leaving)
-          Dius Mamajes – God will repay you or simply “Thank you”
-          Ara ka mangu? – How are you?
-          Taytu mapya – I’m fine
-          Ichaddao Ku Imu! – I love you!
-          Mirupirwa tana! – till we meet again!
-          Avek dana! – Good Bye!

-          Mavid – Beautiful
-          Marayi – far
-          Masngen – near
-          Aru – Many
-          Arava – None
-          Mayhahaw – Few
-          On/Owun – Yes
-          Umba – No
-          Katen – I don’t Know
-          Vavahyen – Tell
-          Vatahen – Say
-          Mayayu – Run
-          Mayam – Walk
-          Mavidin – Stay
-          Mawara – Arrive/Born
-          Masuyot – Happy
-          Ma-waw – Thirsty
-          Mapteng – Hungry
-          Ipapanmu – Inform
-          Matimuy – Raining
-          Makuhat – Warm
-          Mayaraw – Sunny
-          Masalawsaw – Windy
-          Mahanebned –Cold

Monday, December 9, 2013

10 Best things about Batanes!

1. Honest people ( the only place in the Phils. with HONESTY COFFEE SHOP)

2. The most peaceful province (with lowest crime rate, )

3. With highest Human Development Index (HDI) & low poverty incidence (the only province without the implementation of 4Ps (Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program)

4. Magnificent landscapes and non-exploited beaches

5. Higher life expectancy (I met a man who is 105 years old)

6. People have strong commitment in preserving their culture and environment

7. Lots of NPA; Nice People Around 

8. The only place I have seen with a sign between highways “Animal Crossing” (taking animals as part of their community )

9. With the best pork adobo I have ever tasted!

10. People are good stewards of their natural resources.

from: Macky Mel Mac

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Experience Basco!

1.    Chill out at the lighthouse at the Naidi Hills!
-          Get a breathtaking view of Basco town atop the Naidi Hills where the lighthouse is situated.
-          Here’s the place for a chance to see the picturesque sunset.

2.       Take a stroll along Valugan Beach!
-          Known for its long stretch of boulders from Mt. Iraya, smoothed over time by the strong and powerful waves coming from Pacific Ocean.

3.       Be awed with Iraya’s majestic beauty!
-          Towering over Basco at 1009m ASL.
-          The most likely the first sight you will see upon landing in Basco Airport.
-          To get a perfect photo, timing and patience are required since its peak is almost always covered by clouds.

4.       Don’t miss the thrill at the Japanese Tunnel!
-          A 5-door tunnel complete with series of chambers, a bunker that serves as a lookout spot and a water reservoir, was constructed during the Japanese occupation as a shelter house for soldiers.Descending the steps to the underground level in almost complete darkness is a thrill that should not be missed.

5.       See with your eyes the breathtaking beauty of Vayang Rolling Hills!
-          See  the seemingly endless waves of rolling hills of vayang, the only place in Batanes where all the three major islands (Batan, Sabtang and Itbayat) can be observed.
-          Convenient and easily accessible, it boasts of the perfect combination of landscapes and seascapes which may be enjoyed from afar but is best experienced when explored on foot.